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Who let these clowns in this race?!

29a Trump

I’m not rooting for these clowns!!!

Never before have the candidates been more goofy and harebrained.  Never have they seemed less qualified and fit for the job - like they’re the sideshow for the real race to come. But ... NOPE!  These are really the clowns you get!

You’ll laugh until you cry!

But what will we tell the children?!

“The Great Clown Race” is really a children’s book about “the big race” being taken over by clowns - a real race, with real clowns - much to the disappointment of the children and adults that show up. But the secret hidden message is  ...  well, you get it.  And you will probably recognize a few of the characters in the story

The lesson, for children and adults alike:
When clowns run nobody wins!


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